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To promote the application of harmonised health and plant health measures among members, based on international standards, guidelines and recommendations, developed by relevant international organizations, including the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the International Office of Outbreaks, and relevant international and regional organizations active in the International Convention on Plant Protection, without requiring members to change their adequate level of protection for human life, animal health or human health; Governments are required to inform other countries of new or modified health and plant health requirements affecting trade and to set up offices (called “Enquiry Points”) to respond to requests for additional information on new or existing measures. They must also be open to monitoring how they enforce their food safety and animal and plant protection rules. The systematic transmission of information and the exchange of experiences between WTO member governments provide a better basis for national standards. This increased transparency also protects the interests of consumers and trading partners from protectionism hidden by unnecessary technical requirements. NOTE: An area without pests or disease may be surrounded, surrounded or adjacent, whether within a part of a country or a geographic region comprising parts or several countries where a specific pest or disease is known to be present, but where regional control measures, such as the creation of protection, surveillance and buffer zones, including or exterminating the pest. (4) Members should consider the objective of minimizing negative commercial effects when adopting an appropriate level of health or plant health protection. 1The reports of the three reviews are contained in the WTO documents G/SPS/12, G/SPS/36 and G/SPS/53.2. Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex) of the World Health Organization for Plant Protection by the Commission on Plant Health Measures of the FAO International Agreement and Animal Health and Zoonoses by the World Organization for Animal Health3 ” Guidelines for the promotion of the practical implementation of Article 5.5,” WTO document G/SPS/15.4 “Decision to implement Article 4 of the agreement on the application of sanitary and plant measures WTO Document G/SPS/19/Rev.2.5`Guidelines for the Promotion of Practical Implementation of Article 6.6 of the Agreement on the Application of Health and Plant Health Measures WTO document G/SPS/48.6The most recent recommendations are being adopted SPS/7/7/Rev.3.7The SPS Information Management System is available at the following address : G/SPS/33/Rev.1.9See G/SPS/W/230, G/SPS/GEN/932/Rev.1 and G/SPS/W/247/Rev.1. These include health and plant health measures to protect the health of fish and wildlife, as well as forests and wild plants. The SPS agreement encourages governments to define national measures in accordance with international standards, guidelines and recommendations.