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Unless there is a provision contrary to this agreement, the terms of this agreement constitute the whole agreement between the parties and replace all previous written or oral agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. In addition to any other authorized termination right, LoopNet reserves the right to terminate or suspend a customer`s account if, in good faith, it finds a violation of these binding terms and conditions or a substantial provision of another agreement between the parties or their associated companies. The termination is due to violations or violations of the terms and conditions, requests from law enforcement services, fraudulent or illegal activities on your part, the substantial discontinuation or modification of LoopNet services, non-payment of fees you owe in relation to LoopNet or the services of its affiliates, account activity or technical or security matters. Once completed, LoopNet is not required to maintain or transmit the contents of your account. 1. License. (a) This agreement between CoStar Realty Information Inc. (“CoStar”) and the licensee relates to one or more electronic databases developed and managed by CoStar, consisting respectively of (1) of a proprietary database (the “database”) of commercial real estate information, including, but not limited to, the information, texts, photographs and other data contained in it (grouping the “information”) and the organization and organization that owns the categorization , sorting and displaying this information, (2) forecasts, evaluations, simulations, models, processes, methods, techniques, applications, processes, formulas, algorithms and other analysis of real estate or securities, including, but not limited to, those relating to the licensee`s portfolio or resulting from the provision of services provided under a advisory agreement between CoStar and the underwriter (“analysis”). , 3) Commercial Real Estate Reports that May Contain Analysis (CoStar Market Reports) and (4) Associated Software (the “Software”).

Parts of CoStar`s licensed software, database, analysis and market reporting parts, including all updates or changes, and any information derived from the use of CoStar`s database, analysis or market reports, including as a result of the licensee`s verification of some of the information , CoStar`s analysis or market reports, are grouped under the name “licensed product.” (b) For the duration of the agreement, CoStar grants the licensee a non-exclusive, non-negotiable license to use only the parts of the licensed product that are expressly indicated on the subscription form attached to these CoStar Conditions, subject to and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. (c) The licensed product may not be used above the number of users on the subscription form and, except as shown below, only on the website or websites mentioned below. Unless the licensee is an individual and therefore the only authorized user, all of these users (the “authorized users”) must be persons (1) employed by the licensee or by an exclusive licensed contractor on a website listed on the subscription form and (2) in the CoStar list of authorized users and associated websites for the licensed product. The licensee is aware that all persons, who benefit from the product granted on any website granted which, in order to avoid any doubt, covers broker, agent, researcher, analyst, expert, surveyor, evaluator, investment professional (including those who decide investment or credit decisions), advisor, subcontractor, asset manager, distributors or other similar personnel (including, but not limited to the managers or directors who manage this staff) must be an authorized user and commits to commit and provide a coStar if the number of such people on a site exceeds the number of authorized users.