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A sponsorship proposal is the precursor to your sponsorship contract. This is the question letter that gives details of what you are willing to give in exchange for sponsoring a team or a person or event. It is not a legally binding document, but it is necessary to negotiate the final agreement. There are a number of clauses and conditions that you must include in your sponsorship agreement, including: For downloads of free legal models, you have many options online. On some sites, you can view sample documents for free, while others offer unlimited access to free downloads when you sign up for their affiliate program. Here are some legal sites on which you can find a sponsorship contract to download: A sponsorship contract must be detailed and agreed by both parties to be effective. If you`ve ever been to a baseball game, you`ve definitely seen many company logos throughout the ball park, both throughout the arena and as the name of the stadium itself. These logos are just one example of corporate sponsorship, which is also known as event marketing or cause marketing, especially when a charitable or non-profit organization is involved. In the case of affiliate programs, web traffic from one site to another site is andrives to be able to buy customers from the second site. Learn more about affiliate programs and what should be included in a website affiliation agreement.

Before entering into your sponsorship partnership, you want to make sure you have a sponsorship contract. It not only protects you and your partner, but also ensures that both parties are legally connected to their roles and responsibilities. Business transactions work best if there is a clearly defined structure of terms and conditions. Here you`ll find everything you need to know about negotiating a sponsorship contract and where to find free templates to download. Confidentiality agreements protect confidential business information from being made available to the public or falling into the hands of competitors. Here`s what you need to know about it. We have already mentioned the non-competition clause, but it goes beyond exclusivity. It describes the specifics of your agreement and the exclusive rights to which a particular sponsor might be entitled on the basis of the package it has acquired. For example, a sponsor may have the exclusive right to have their logo on stage or be the only food seller authorized to sell food at your event. The exclusivity clause defines the agreed terms that confer special rights on a particular promoter. Due to the extra exposure, exclusivity usually comes with a higher day price for sponsors.

Make sure you clearly define the types of businesses your sponsor defines as a competitor so that there is no confusion about which companies you may or may not approach in the future. Without a sponsorship agreement, you could end up in a dispute with your sponsoring partner if it doesn`t go as planned. Having written everything, signing and dating, holds everyone accountable and aware of their legal roles and responsibilities. In the event of a disagreement, the parties refer the matter to an independent arbitrator appointed by mutual agreement. A sponsorship contract is a complicated document when it is put into the kind of details it must be useful. Some one-pager templates you will find are a good starting point, but you need all your terms and conditions in the document and a lawyer is the best person for it.