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.. You will then need to verify that the directory “C:`Strawberry`perl ` bin` is located in the PATH variable. This assumes that you have installed the Strawberry Perl in the Strawberry C folder. Then click the Next button to continue with the setup. In this step, you must accept the terms and the license agreement. Once the terms are accepted, click the Next button. This copyright does not prohibit the broadcast of a version of Perl containing this extension under the terms of the GNU or Artistic licenses. Looks like you`re using Strawberry Perl. This does not require a license or other special steps to use. He`s ready to go. Strawberry Perl is a Perl environment for MS Windows that contains everything you need to run and develop Perl apps. It was designed to be as close as possible to the perl environment on UNIX systems.

One of the highest output lines in your image is “Can`t connect to” He then tries to connect to other places and has the same mistake. Looks like a network problem. Perl is a programming language adapted to writing simple scripts and complex applications – see General – technically, each module can be allowed separately. There is no need to release Perl code (including modules) under any type of FLOSS license. There are many external libraries (binary – development files) included in the Strawberry Perl distribution. Information about the licenses and source codes of these libraries can be found in the corresponding sub-directory. You should make a licensing point, because it`s really a bit of a minefield if you`re not careful. There are many Perl modules preinstalled in the Strawberry Perl distribution. All are open source under different OSI-compatible licenses.

For licensing information on these modules, use the command: perldoc Strawberry Perl is a distribution of Perl programming language for the Microsoft Windows platform. In addition, Strawberry contains a fully functional MinGW C/C compiler with many libraries. While most other distributions depend on the fact that the user has already installed software development tools to install some Perl components, Strawberry Perl comes with the most commonly used, preconfigured and packaged tools. This is a dramatic abandonment of other Perl distributions and has influenced other distributions (such as its main rivals, the free but closed source ActivePerl distribution, published by ActiveState) to provide such development tools in their own distribution. In most modules, it is indicated that they are conceded at the same level as the Perl interpreter, but you can check the modules you are using. The full texts of these licenses are included in the sub-repertory of this directory.