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The following parties, Jane Doe and John Smith, hereinafter referred to as Roommates, have signed a lease for Unit 1 at 123 Sunshine Court, Sunshine, FL 12345, with an effective date of 1 January 20XX and a deadline of 31 December 20XX. Roommates sign and agree: Talk to your roommates and fill out the form together based on rental prices/incidentals and other agreements that will be made. This form is designed as a template and must be completed accordingly. A roommate agreement, also known as a “room rental agreement”, is a model used for renting rooms in a living unit, while common areas such as the living room, kitchen, etc. are shared. All persons mentioned in the contract are mutually responsible with regard to rents, invoices, services and all other agreed charges. This proposal covers the fundamental issues that need to be consolidated in most colocation situations, but there may be additional agreements that the co-tenants wish to conclude. .