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Often, tenants and landlords confuse the difference between a service dog and an emotional support animal. A landlord cannot deny a tenant the rights of a legitimate service dog. However, if there are restricted breeds in accordance with their insurance policy, they should consult their insurance company to ensure that they do not lose the insurance due to the breed of the animal. The link above is an affiliate link and does not generate any additional fees for the owners. This is a serious service that we rely on for some additions to the lease. Yes, they must authorize the animal. You also can`t ask for a recent medical note. Even if it makes no sense, it is the law. You may be can imagine a case where it is not yet under lease technically, but is it worth it if you officially rent it out in a month or two? If it`s a service animal, let your landlord take you to court to evacuate. Prepare with the doctor`s affidavit and be prepared to demonstrate your task as a service animal.

If it`s just ESA, I`d look at the state`s laws before going down that path. You should provide your landlord with a letter from your doctor/therapist stating that you have a disability and explain how your pet is needed to help you cope with that disability and/or improve its symptoms. Add a brief personal statement to the lessor that states that you are “making appropriate arrangements to keep your pet acting as a service animal.” Well, you wouldn`t be deported, but you wouldn`t have an extension. You would have to prove that the reason why no extension was offered to you is due to the dog in order to be able to assert discrimination. Otherwise, a rental agreement with due notice may be terminated when the terms have expired. This happens all the time for a wide variety of reasons. As I mentioned at the end of my article, the landlord needed a written directive regarding accommodations that complied with ADA/FHA rules that were part of my lease or that I signed when I applied for/received accommodations. I understand the law and I did not expect another outcome after the incident.

What I do exoect is a proactive and informed owner. Ignorance is not a defense. An escort animal is different from a service animal and does not need certification. However, a person with a pet has many of the same rights as a person with a service animal….