Who We Are

The Indy Shooting Team is an independent (though sponsored) group of dedicated shooters currently focusing on Glock Sports Shooting Foundation (GSSF) Indoor and Outdoor matches as well as International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) matches. We train, travel, and compete as a team! Although only forming officially in early 2019, the individuals composing the team have been successfully competing for years. Since forming, the team has twice monthly planning/practice meetings, and has been very active every month at various shooting events throughout the Mid-West (having shot in Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indianapolis, and Ohio in the summer months of 2019). Indy Shooting Team often is out in force at 2-3 IDPA. 1-2 GSSF Outdoor, and 2-3 GSSF Indoor and smaller events each month in a ~6 hour driving radius from Indianapolis, IN.

The Initial Glimmer In An Eye…

It all started with desire: a desire to have a reason to wear a team jersey that meant something. The idea to form a structured shooting team started at SHOT show almost 3 years ago based on admiring the various shooting team jerseys on display. This ‘thought’ prompted a brief discussion over Starbucks that ended with a determination that such a team required certain factors. These factors included; 1) five or more people interested in and capable of shooting competitively on a regular basis, 2) a host range/sponsor for financial assistance and space to regularly practice, and 3) an experienced coach to ensure development. The discussion ended, as none of the three factors were reliably present at the time.

Real Planning Begins…

Fast forward to SHOT Show 2019, during the bus ride out to the Industry Day shoot, eventual Team Captain (Joel) and Indy Arms Company (IAC) owner (Rick) had an hour to kill both ways on the bus. Rick and Joel discussed the idea of an independent but sponsored shooting team in detail. Factor 2, a sponsor and host range for practice was in place! Over the months after SHOT Show, future team members held very preliminary discussions including a potential coach (now Adviser, Tony). Potential team members were identified primarily by their previous success competing at IAC and potential availability. By late March, all the factors were in place. However, over analysis and wanting to have everything worked out in advance kept the idea just that, an idea.

The First Few Months…

Early Summer 2019 the decision was arrived at fairly organically to just start ‘doing it.’ Team members scheduled a first meeting and it we decided to keep things somewhat open and independent. The team’s structure and roles were worked out in that meeting; practices at least twice a month centering on the next competition, focus on GSSF Outdoor and Indoor events and IDPA matches, and each practice would also serve as a team meeting to determine what matches would be attended between that practice and the next.

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The Present And The Future…

Indy Shooting Team is now going strong, attending numerous IDPA and GSSF Indoor and Outdoor matches each month in the Indiana and surrounding states. Team practices are every other week and the future looks bright as members of the team continue to do well. As we wrap up the 2019 ‘season’ we will continue to expand where we are competing (look out USPSA in 2020)!

Team Sponsor

Indy Arms Company in Indianapolis, IN sponsors and hosts the Indy Shooting Team. The team consists equally of Indy Arms Company employees, instructors, and customers. Although all members of the team have some connection to Indy Arms Company, the team is independent. Indy Arms Company provides some of the team’s gear and provides space for the team’s meetings and practices.