As a shooting sports enthusiast and competition shooter I am at the shooting range 3-4 times a week to practice, and putting down range anywhere from 150 to 300 rounds per visit depending on what drill I’m practicing or new toy I’m breaking in. This is very costly when it comes to ammo, even when buying in bulk, and hence the main reason why I started to reload. Another factor that got me into reloading is that I am able to create a round that is tailored to the gun I’m shooting. I control the amount of recoil and power necessary for my needs that will be consistent all the time. Consistency I believe is the key to improving at this sport and winning matches, hence having a consistent round plays into the equation. Even name brand ammunition manufacturers have deviations of their ammo tolerances and the well known manufacturer that I called said that their tolerances can be up to 15% and they don’t necessarily use the same gun powder. That means that every time you go and buy ammo off the shelf at the store, or reorder your bulk ammo, you aren’t getting the same loaded round. And now onto the review … 🙂

I recently received my 9mm 147gr RNFP Purple Bullets and here is my preliminary thought being a first time customer: My favorite color is now PURPLE!

I’ll go ahead and start with what you all want to know first. I shot 3-5 rounds from a Glock 43, 43X, and a 19 with a Trijicon SRO and put them all well within a 4 inch ring of a NRA D1 target. As you can see in the picture below, the grouping is more of 2-3 inches. This was at 45 feet, free handed.

The bullets shoot clean and put very nice round holes on paper as I would expect from a flat tip bullet. True to what the bullet company advertises, the polymer coating doesn’t come off and your hands aren’t dirty or purple.  In the past I’ve tried a coated bullet company of a different color that was less accurate, and coloring was left on your loading press and hands which I didn’t care for, even though it was easy to wash off.  Finally, the cost is on point.  As every penny matters in reloading, my recipe for this load that also meets power factor of 124 comes to $.093/round, $4.69/50 or $93.90/1000.

So I plan on cranking out some more of these bad boys but wanted to give a first initial high level review of my experience. I’m very satisfied with these bullets, and I may just stick these in the lineup for my next competition!

Hope to see you out on the range,

@DaBlazinAzian – “Compete, Defeat, Repeat!”